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Käpy ry is a non-governmental organization devoted to providing peer support for families whose child has died. The organisation offers support primarily to families and parents whose child has died in the late stages of pregnancy, in infancy, childhood, or young adulthood. Käpy provides peer support, peer training, promotes the interests of families and takes part in research.

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Death of a child, support brochure

The support brochure is free of charge for families who have lost a child. We deliver only to Finland and aim to send the material within two weeks of the order. 

The topic of the support brochure Death of a Child – Information and Support for Bereaved Families is grief and the loss of a child, processed from viewpoints of different family members, regardless of the child’s age or cause of death. The support brochure offers information and comfort to those who have lost their child, and also to professionals working with them.

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How to support a child or a young person when a loved one has died? Support brochure

A guide for loved ones and people working with families. In this guide, we will give you practical tips on how support a grieving child and young person and help them process their grief.

If you are a loved one of a grieving child or adolescent, you can give this guide to
the school or kindergarten staff to read. If you yourself are working with children or young people and meet a family that has lost a loved one, we hope that you give
them this guide.

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My Story

Here you can read the story A mother all the same… written by a mother who has suffered the loss of her child.


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